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Owning your unique data is your single best source of competitive advantage.
Make optimal use of it, starting today. At Ekohe, we carefully assess your datasets, efficiently structure them for your unique business needs, and make them actionable through natural language search. Access advanced analytic tools through one chatbot: Insights, Predictions, Automated Actions - all within your reach.

Enterprise-level GPT

Unlock the conversational power of Custom Data. Revolutionize your business.

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Automated Features


Identify Trends and Insights

Uncover hidden patterns and predictions: sales trends, drivers of growth, deep segment slice & dice - all in a few clicks


Visualization in a Snap

Recreating graphs for every small change? Simply ask the system to - get results in no time


Real-Time Interaction

Follow up to dive deeper on previous answers or simply switch the visualization style as you like.



Download or export your KPI movement, charts, and predictive models - in one click

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Rapid, Agile MVP for Automated Insights & Actions

Phase 1: Augmented Analytics Core


A discovery phase to align wins with your data.

During the first three weeks of our journey, we focus on your vision and real business needs. We will:

  • Identify sets of key metrics that speak to your business
  • Evaluate the complexity of existing data to unlock and act on value

Duration: 1-3 Weeks

Business Value:

  • Develop a cost-efficient solution, prioritizing accuracy and scalability without compromising on either
  • Chart the path to gain relevant insights in the most effective way

Pre-Built Implementation

With a robust set of industry-related or domain-specific sample inquiries and templates, the deployment will be expedited and you can tailor the chatbot precisely to the unique requirements of your business.

Bringing all we know from the discovery phase, we partner with you to set up:

  • Data feed flow
  • A dashboard based on pre-built templates
  • GPT model prediction based on pre-built samples 

Duration: 1-3 Weeks

Business Value:

  • Accelerate time-to-market implementation and improve customization capabilities 
  • Get industry-relevant insights using your own data in one chatbot

Custom-Built Implementation

With the basis of pre-built implementation, we help you navigate the chatbot with inquiries and needs specific to your business via real-time natural search, automated visualizations, and more.

Similar to Implementation 1, we will set up:

  • The data feed flow in 1-2 weeks
  • Custom dashboards with built-in insights if required in the next 3-4 weeks
  • GPT model prediction on custom data feed in another 3-4 weeks

Duration: 6-10 Weeks

Business Value:

  • Boost efficiency and scalability through automated visualization 
  • Identify trends, insights and make real-time data-driven decisions in one chatbot
Phase 2: Iterate & Optimize the Core


Improve the accuracy of your business-related questions by refining the toolkit.

At the end of our journey, we will:

  • Build customized chains of prompts
  • Add more sets of metrics to inference 
  • Add GPT model description on other types of proprietary data

Duration: Ongoing

Business Value:

  • Fully unlock the potential of your once-unstructured data

GPT-Driven Digital Transformation

We also offer GPT-driven services that cover different types of data sources, including Multimedia GPT (audio, video & photo), Neural Knowledge Base (PDF, Keynotes & docs), and Brand Care GPT (IVR, emails & contact channels).

Talk to us to find out how we can help with your data and business needs!

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