Building the world's largest centralized development platform: 15,000+ innovations, $1.5+ billion funded.



R4D discovered a pressing issue̶ disconnected stakeholders were using imprecise, incomplete data.


Ekohe and R4D created a new kind of public good—Global Innovation Exchange, the world's largest portal for innovations, funding, and insights.


R4D is achieving its mission, harnessing data to bring measurable positive impact to the global development community.

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Results 4 Development recognized the importance of data and community to the public sector — and that significant gaps existed in both areas. Innovations data was sparse, redundant, unorganized, and unreliable. Innovators (researchers, startups), Supporters (NGO's, Incubators), Adopters (governments, country teams), and Customers (target populations) could neither find nor learn from each other. Could R4D bring these stakeholders together on a global scale, achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) while strengthening their community?


GIE connects funders, innovators, and other stakeholders — enabling them to learn from useful data insights, and generating positive impact to scale the global development community.

Ekohe helped R4D solve for this challenge. With our design, development, and management of the Global Innovation Exchange, we harnessed our product and technical expertise to create one hub for these actors and their critical data needs. At its core, GIE helps all 4 stakeholders (across a variety of sectors) find and interact with each other, learning and reporting from their actions to generate useful insights. GIE keys its value on the most important features for innovation — including support for direct funding, focus-driven micro-sites (e.g. COVID), milestone-based tracking, reliable data analytics (from portfolio-level to on-the-ground initiatives), user-generated content, and much more.


Scaling impact through optimized collaboration and reliable, useful innovation analytics.

Success is measured by impact: today GIE is the largest searchable development innovation database in the world, with 15,000+ innovations, 45,000+ registered users, and $1.5 billion+ of funding opportunities. Through GIE, the global development ecosystem can scale to meet SDG's with the evolving needs of the market. R4D and Ekohe brought this value to life.

"Ekohe helped us bring bold ideas to fruition, creating a that platform delivers meaningful impact to the global development innovation ecosystem.

Program Manager, Results 4 Development

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