Kick off the New Year! Embrace 2024 with Impactful Art a Visionary NFT Concept Supporting the Fight against Climate Change!

🌟 Explore the fusion of tech, art, and social change with #ImpactingArt - a groundbreaking initiative sparked by our CEO, Maxime! Our AI-driven initiative uncovers vital yet overlooked news daily, creating unique AI-generated artworks as NFTs on the blockchain, with automatic redistribution of all profits to NGOs supporting the cause.

Join us on Instagram, Twitter, and Opensea to witness impactful stories transformed into art for a cause. Follow us for daily updates, support social change, and contribute to charitable causes through art.

Let's make a difference together, one NFT at a time! 🎨✨ #AIforGood #NFTsforChange

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Get a chance to own a one-of-a-kind AI-generated artwork! Enter our contest to win one of five exclusive prints created by #ImpactingArt.

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More Ways to Get Involved With the Causes That Matter


Defend the Deep

Take action and join the campaign against deep sea mining through the "Sustainable Ocean Alliance"


Believe in a Safe Climate

Raise awareness about the climate crisis and inspire people to get involved through the "International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies".


Protect Earth's Rainforests

Join the campaign to save our world’s oldest tropical rainforests through the "One Earth" organization.

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