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Ekohe's custom ChatGPT empowers BWC to stand tall in wellness, via an innovative, interactive, self-learning app.


In a crowded fitness world, how could the newly founded Because We Care launch with maximum impact... capturing market scale and investor funding at the same time?


Ekohe's custom ChatGPT introduces users to conversational wellness, transforming BWC into a self-learning AI Partner that answers questions with hyper-personal recommendations.


BWCʼs neural search drives a uniquely innovative experience -- rapidly becoming the go-to choice for personal health through adoption, engagement, loyalty, and preference.

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Erwann Menthéour, former champion cyclist of Tour de France, continued his long-term entrepreneurial partnership with Ekohe ‒ launching Because We Care, a mobile app offering highly-personalized exercise and diet programs integrating individual objectives, medical history, and lifestyle preferences. Based on Erwannʼs best-selling book and his earlier product Fitnext, BWC ʻlevels upʼ the wellness experience by adding regular customized health condition checks, tailored shopping lists based on recommended diets, and a real take on sustainability by incorporating various methods to reduce users' carbon footprint. Through market research, BWC found that custom fitness programs fall short of providing specific information, and customers have to take extra steps to find answers - from determining the nutrients of a recipe ingredient to managing the causes and symptoms of muscle pain. Was there a way for BWC to put this information at audience finger-tips, while stepping ahead of competitors as a new market entrant?


Tying multiple books, articles, recipes, and exercise databases with individual customer needs, BWC is able to provide audiences with holistic, deeply personalized answers in all aspects of wellness.

Ekohe again flexed its muscles, partnering with Erwann to solve this challenge. Other digital wellness platforms add pages for food database searches or integrate with external applications. These are redundant, legacy routes. Better yet we keyed on innovation, leveraging GPT-4 to offer users a uniquely interactive, and conversational experience: a ChatGPT-driven AI Agent integrating knowledge of Erwann Menthéour's published books/ articles and food/exercise database with personal needs. To differentiate BWCʼs program, Ekohe set up OpenAI API and integrated ChatGPT into the platform. Our team extracted and stored editorial content into a structured database. From there, we designed and implemented a chatbot within the BWC app. This ChatGPT integration enables the chatbot to provide answers based on platform-approved content, maintaining its original feature while mitigating potential downsides of large language models, such as providing wrong or even dangerous medical advice.


State-of-the-art machine learning empowers BWC to transform the market via an interactive, self-learning platform, providing not only personalized fitness programs but recommendations, and specific info in every aspect - all through one AI Chatbot.

BWC users can ask questions and set orders directly in the app - from a recommended plan for adding pushups to workouts, to re-scheduling a training session - a new type of fitness app with endless possibilities. Audience wins are tied to individual preferences, and fully integrated into a single conversational chatbot. Further, the self learning platform will be able to adjust users' wellness programs based on past inquiries and behaviors, offering a truly intuitive experience. BWC can become a trailblazer, leveraging generative AI to stand out in a competitive and saturated fitness market. With an expectation of rapid and continuous audience growth, the startup is able to capture investment opportunities and secure its path to scale. Business accelerated through AI innovation? That's what we do at Ekohe.

Ekohe's custom ChatGPT empowers BWC to stand tall in wellness, via an innovative, interactive, self-learning app.

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